SheMoolah Course Line-Up


Marvel at Your Money Mindset
2 hours | 4 Weeks | $97

Wednesdays, 7 PM -9 PM | Sep 30 - Oct 21
Thursdays, 10 AM- 12PM | Oct 1- Oct 22

How you do anything is related to how you do everything, including your money story. In this 4-week, interactive, Zoom-based program you will be guided in creating a meaningful relationship with your personality types.  We will take a deep dive into the 8 money personality types and marvel at the important role they play in your SheHistory.  Digging into your combined personality types will tell a story that you’ll quickly recognize about your money history. We will then implement your discoveries so you are the SheHero of your money story.


Mastering your Moolah Cape-Abilities
90 Minutes | 6 Weeks | $149

Tuesdays, 7 PM - 8:30 PM | Sep 29 - Nov 3
Fridays, 12 PM - 1:30 PM | Oct 2-Nov 6

You are smart, Cape-able, and curious. You show up in big ways for others to guide them through success. But when it comes to your personal financial dreams, you are struggling. What if the reason you’re not successful yet is that your money personality is holding you back? Join us for a 6-week Zoom-based interactive program to learn a unique approach that allows your money personality to flourish while creating a plan that is achievable. Leave your SheHistory behind and move into a place of freedom in your relationship with money.


Brain Hacks for Having More Money

Want to learn more about how your brain works around money? These video hacks will provide clues into how your brain works regarding money.  Hear from the experience of others as they become the SheHero of their money journey.  And because we want you to be encouraged, many of these are free!  Looking forward to being a part of your journey.